Friday, February 22, 2008

Weird Stuff

I know I said that I would update more often - ha! I'll do my best. I have so many blog posts popping into my head some days but then I just don't feel like writing when I get to the puter. I guess lots of people do that. I must be in good company eh?

Ok....I did have surgery last month to try to alleviate some of the mystery pain that I had been dealing with. The doc found about 15-20 endometriosis 'blisters' (technical term ya know) and blasted them with a laser. How could I still have those suckers you ask??? I did too. The doc said that sometimes even without the hormones ( I had my hormone producing ovaries removed in 2005) some people still have enough hormone floating around in their bodies to produce some blisters. I also had lots and lots of scar tissue in there. They had to call in a second surgeon to come in and assist with removing that from my bowel, colon and vaginal wall. Long story short, had surgery, hurt like a mofo, came home, hurt some more, still hurts 4 weeks later.

In other non-related news.....I still have an un-natural love for spaghetti sauce. Tasty will be happy to note that I only have 4 jars in the pantry even as we speak! It's some good stuff from Harry and David that I found on sale at the outlet mall. Yes, I know I'm weird - buying spaghetti sauce at the outlet mall. Heck, I even bought some of the 'famous' Harry and David pears (of course I did!) whilst I was there. Lemme tell ya - those things are YUMMY.